Email Security (Spam and Virus Filtering)

Message Security

E-Companies is a provider for email security services. Look no further. We have worked long and hard to find the best services for spam and virus filtering for your company. We are now using Mailroute. Here are some reasons why you might consider Email Security.

Keep networks safe

Stop spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service, directory harvest attacks, and other attacks before they reach your network without message loss or disruptions to email service.

Meet compliance needs

Define email usage policies in your organization to ensure compliance with legislation and best practices. Apply different policies to groups or individuals based on role. Easily adapt to policy changes through a simple policy management interface.

Protect sensitive data during transmission

Protect sensitive messages such as financial data and personal content by using industry-standard SSL or TLS protocols.

Guaranteed availability and delivery

Rapid deployment, easy maintenance

Our Message Security System works with your existing email system, with no need to add hardware or software.

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